Top 5 Best Windows 10 Features | Best features

Windows 10 is a new operating system designed to work across all device sizes. With Windows
10, you can count on a familiar experience on any device you use. The best features of
Windows 10 include Cortana, Start menu, virtual desktops and more. Microsoft has opened the
floodgates for Windows 10 downloads in 190 countries around the world. Below is a roundup of
the operating system’s five most interesting features.
1 – A free update
It’s not really a new feature, but the fact that Microsoft has decided to give Windows 10 free to
Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users is a first in Windows history.This makes the OS even more
attractive and will push many Windows users to migrate their device to Windows 10 to benefit
from this offer which has a limited time (one year from today).
2 – The return of the Start menu
The Start menu is making a comeback in Windows. With Windows 8, Microsoft had chosen to
turn its back on this historic feature of Windows, to adopt a start screen which was, however,
not very suitable for use on PCs. Faced with the grumbling of PC users, the Start menu has
been reintroduced.
However, it has been modified to include live tiles. The new Start menu gives access to the
most used functions and files, and includes a new space to personalize with applications,
favorite programs, or Internet sites.
3 – Cortana personal assistant
With Windows 10, the Windows Phone digital assistant arrives on PCs and tablets. Cortana has
been optimized to be the digital guide you need. Cortana learns from your preferences to
provide you with relevant recommendations at the right time, quick access to information, and
important reminders.
4 – The Edge browser
This is a big step for Microsoft. The firm must come to terms with the developers and many
users who have bitter memories of Internet Explorer. For this, the firm has decided to part with
its historical navigator and the old pans that he has dragged along over the years. Microsoft
Edge is Windows’ new default browser.
Built on new foundations, it offers a consistent and familiar browsing experience on PCs, tablets
and smartphones. More in line with Web standards, it integrates Cortana, a reading mode that
strips a page of animations, support for inking that allows you to make annotations on a page
and share them, etc.
5 – The continuum mode
Windows 10 provides a consistent, familiar, and compatible experience whether the user is on a
PC or tablet. Microsoft has integrated a feature that allows you to easily switch from a PC mode
(keyboard and mouse) to a tablet mode, for hybrid devices (2-in-1).
Concretely, on a device like the Surface tablet, if the keyboard is connected, the device will boot
directly to the desktop. If you detach the keyboard or pass it behind the screen of the device, a
pop-up will appear and ask you to switch to “tablet” mode.
If yes, without needing to restart the device, the applications will be displayed in full screen and
the Start menu will expand to provide a view of the Start screen. The feature will also be
available on smartphones to turn them into PCs, when connected to an external keyboard via
Bluetooth and an external display via HDMI or Miracast.
Windows 10 is the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft. It has a lot of features
that make it worth upgrading to. The best way to get a feel for how Windows 10 works is to
install it and experience it for yourself. In this article, we will go through some of the best
features of Windows 10 and you will have a better idea if its worth the upgrade or not.