Logitech Unifying Software

What Is Logitech Unifying?

Logitech Unifying Software will get the convenience of one tiny receiver you can leave in your computer and reduce the number of USB ports option with your Logitech Unifying receiver. You have no longer need a different receiver for each device. When you leave the tiny Unifying receiver in your notebook computer and any devices you have, your wireless devices can be instantly ready to work with your system immediately. There’s no hassle of plugging and unplugging receivers. For example, you may have a keyboard and mouse, another keyboard and mouse at work, and a mobile mouse when you’re on the road and they will all be ready for you.



Logitech Unifying receiver for mouse and keyboard

Logitech Unifying receiver (M/N: C-U0007)

Will work with any product that displays the Unifying Logo

The unified receiver can simultaneously operate 7 mice and keyboards.

Compatible with Logitech wireless mouse M505 Marathon Mouse M705 Logitech Mouse M905 Logitech keyboard K340 Logitech keyboard K350

Full Specifications

WHAT’S NEW IN VERSION 2.50.25: Added support for new devices.

GENERAL: ReleaseApril 5, 2019

Date: AddedApril 6, 2019

Version: 2.50.25


Operating SystemsWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP


Support Device:

Couch Mouse M515, Wireless Mouse M505, Wireless Mouse M510, Wireless Combo MK320, Wireless Combo MK360, Wireless Combo MK520, Wireless Desktop MK320, Wireless Desktop MK710, Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800, Wireless Keyboard K230, Wireless Keyboard K250, Wireless Mouse M525, Wireless Mouse M560, Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830, Logitech Cube, Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550, Marathon Mouse M705, Mouse M525-C, Wireless Keyboard K270, Wireless Keyboard K340, Wireless Keyboard K350, Wireless Keyboard K360, Wireless Mouse M217, Wireless Mouse M317, Wireless Mouse M325, Wireless Number Pad N305, Wireless Performance Combo MX800, Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650, Wireless Solar Keyboard, Marathon Mouse Combo MK750, Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, Wireless Touch Keyboard K400, Wireless Touch Keyboard K400, Wireless Touchpad, Wireless Trackball M570, Wireless Wave Plus Combo MK560, Zone Touch Mouse T400, Notebook Kit MK605, Performance Mouse MX, Touch Mouse M600, Touch Mouse T620, Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820, Wireless Combo MK270,

Is Unifying Right For You?

It’s possible that you are not the sort of Logitech user for whom this product was created. It is comparable to the exclusive to mobile device Samsung USB Driver.

You would need to be comfortable using a lot of hardware as part of your everyday routine in addition to being a Logitech customer in order to be eligible. Unifying may not be the best option for Logitech users who do not require numerous keyboards or mouse.

You may give it a go. However, if you just use a single mouse or keyboard, it can be more difficult than the way things are set up now.