How to Remove all traces of use from a PC | Removing traces from PC

PCs come with a lot of software, and sometimes it can be challenging to know what is installed
on your computer. It is where a PC cleanup tool can help you to remove all traces of use from
your system. A PC cleanup tool will scan your computer for any potential infections and remove
anything that may be slowing down the performance of your system. It is also possible to delete
files that are no longer needed or take up space on your system.
When you use a PC that is not yours – or simply when you lend yours – you may wish to ensure
that “no trace” remains on the machine. To do this, get the PrivaZer software and install it. At
the first launch, the application offers you to adapt privaZer to your needs, in which case, you do
not have much to do, apart from following the ten steps provided (deleting invalid shortcuts,
erasing the history of office suites, clear thumbnail cache, etc.).
Note in passing that the program offers a quick and efficient way to remove items from older
versions of Windows. Very useful if you migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 8, then to
Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Update, and finally Windows 10 (phew!). The software will then
begin to analyze your hard drive and remove unnecessary items without you having to do
There is a way to go even further in erasing useless data and traces left by using a PC, always
using PrivaZer. To do this, go to the software’s main menu: this is where you can select which
elements will be analyzed and deleted. It can be the primary disk and a secondary hard disk, a
USB key, a memory card, an iPod, or even a network-connected device.
In this same part, you can also analyze and clean the registry or program a cleaning (every day,
every week, or every month). Finally, by clicking on the Advanced Options button > Cleanup
button, you can adjust the number of passes performed at the time of erasing: up to 6 passes
on an SSD or Flash memory, six passes for RAM, and 35 passes on a hard drive!
IObit SmartDefrag: effectively defrag your hard drive
To properly clean your machine, it is advisable to defragment its hard disks (but not its SSD, it is
useless). For this, you can trust the tool built into Windows, which is effective but sorely lacking
in features. Impossible to know where in the defragmentation nor to have real detailed statistics
at the end of the operation. It is a tool with more comprehensive functions, such as IObit
Download the software and click on retreat to not install the IObit toolbar. Also, click on Skip
when you are offered the installation of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate. Launch the application,
then press the Analyze button. A detailed map of your hard disk fragmentation is displayed. Just
click on the Defragment button to start the maintenance operation