How to Keep Your Android Apps Safe | Securing android apps

The Android OS is very secure, but it does not prevent malware from spreading on the system. The Android OS does not prevent malware from spreading, but it can be used to protect the device against malware by changing some of its settings and applications.

The Android mobile platform is vulnerable to various forms of attacks. This poses a great threat to the security and privacy of users who use the Android mobile platform. It is important for the Android developers to add security measures to their apps to protect the user from these threats.

There are various types of attacks that can be performed on the Android OS and applications. These include ways of obtaining information about the user, stealing data from them, tricking them into providing up passwords or other sensitive information, and even installing malware on their mobile devices. Here we will discuss how to keep your Android safe from malware and other threats.

Sort through your apps

Among the many applications installed on your smartphone, it’s a safe bet that you don’t use half of them. They not only occupy space unnecessarily, but can also disrupt the activity of your smartphone by running in the background which has the effect of monopolizing RAM unnecessarily. Better to delete them, even if they are apps that you have purchased. You can reinstall them for free later if you wish. Their list remains available in the Play Store.

To access the list of apps installed in your mobile’s memory, swipe down on the screen. In the quick settings window, click on the Settings icon (cog wheel), then on Applications. From the list of programs that is displayed, select the one to be deleted with a touch of your finger. 

The weight of each app is indicated which allows you to focus on those that occupy the most space. In App Info, tap Uninstall at the bottom of the window. You can also, still with the S21, access applications via the Battery and device maintenance / Storage / Application submenus. On the Pixel 4a, you have to go through the Storage submenu, then Other apps.

If you want to sort your installed applications more finely, in alphabetical order, size or frequency of use (and the manufacturer does not offer you this type of option in its Android menus), go to the Play Store and display the general menu by pressing your finger on your photo. Tap Manage apps & device. Select the Manage tab. Under Installed apps, press the three horizontal bars to access the Sort by window. Check the option of your choice.

By selecting the applications of your choice and pressing the trash can icon, you will be able to uninstall them very quickly. To find the programs you got rid of, stay under the Manage tab and tap Installed apps so you can switch to Uninstalled apps.