How to Create Your Own VPN Network | Own VPN server

There are a few steps that you need to take in order to create your own VPN network. The first
step is choosing the location you will use as your VPN server. You need a dedicated PC with an
internet connection that can be used as a server. You also need the software necessary for your
VPN server and the user account information for each user on your network.
Set your IP with No-ip
Another option to consider is to create your own private VPN network . To do this you will
need a computer on and connected to the Internet, which acts as a VPN server .
Doing so is not as simple as connecting to the VPN networks in the previous sections, but you
will have the absolute certainty of the security of your browsing.
But first you must set your IP address. You can skip the test if your ip is already in static mode.
Before you start configuring your computer, you need to know if your IP is static or dynamic . If
your IP is dynamic, which is the case in most cases, you can use the No-ip service to “fix” it.
This free service syncs your router’s dynamic IP with a domain name.
That way, you won’t have to worry if your IP changes. By entering the domain name that will be
assigned to you, other devices will be able to connect to your computer.
To develop a domain for your dynamic IP, you should click to the No-ip website. Next, click on
Sign up and create a No-ip account. In it you must specify the username with which to identify
yourself and a secure password. Next, establish a name for your domain, try to make it easy to
You can also choose the domain to which it will belong.
Then, they will send you an email to the address you have provided to confirm your registration
in No-ip. You can now start using No-ip!
Install the No-ip client on your computer
Now it’s time to install the No-ip client, on the computer that will act as the VPN server .
Access your account again on the No-ip website and, in its control panel, click on the Dynamic
Update Client option , which you will find in the side panel. Then click the Download Now button
to download the No-ip client installer. Install it on your computer and start it.
You should enter the email address and then you have to enter password for No-ip registration.
In the No-ip client window, you can see that it hasn’t recognized any domain yet and therefore
can’t sync your IP. Click on Edit Hosts.