Cyber Security: Protection Measures You Must Know | Cybersecurity measures

Cybercriminals no longer even need you to download any files to infect your device . You just need to visit a legitimate web page infected with a malicious script designed to be activated from the browser, which can be your favorite cooking recipe page, the gaming blog you visit for a long time or any other website.

In addition, social engineering is another of the most widespread risks on the Internet. Phishing is the most widespread method of social engineering . Its success depends on its ability to deceive the user and make him give his data by inserting it into the box of a website that claims to be the official website of your bank, electricity company or postal service.

Its accuracy has reached a level where cybercriminals have even shown a real version of the page, in which they have inserted fake data fields right above the real ones.

It is virtually impossible for a user to identify such elaborate “traps”, so the only way to navigate more safely is to use software that warns the user that the page they are on is not what it claims to be.

For this reason, one of the functions that cannot be missing from the security tool you choose for your computer, smartphone or tablet should be browsing monitoring.

Encryption of online banking operations

Although it may seem impossible, there are still people who do not even protect their smartphone with a security PIN.

This is a good example of the little awareness that exists about the exposure that devices have to an online environment plagued by threats designed to hunt the bank details of unsuspecting users on the fly.

More and more online services are being used, and circumstances such as the global pandemic we are experiencing only increase the use of online stores, online banking and even online gaming.

The moment of formalizing the payment of your purchases or making online transfers is one of the most delicate moments since your data travels through the Internet from your computer to a remote server.

For this reason, it is convenient to have software that secures the environment in which this operation is carried out and encrypts the communications between your computer and the payment server to guarantee the maximum security and privacy of your data.

Most of the current antiviruses, both for computers and mobile platforms, have a protection system for online banking , but some of them are limited to certain subscription packages, so it is convenient to choose the one that offers the most complete coverage possible.

Parental control: Internet is not a safe place for minors

The Internet is the largest source of information that has ever existed, but it does not have a filter that selects the appropriate content for each age range. This leaves the little ones exposed to violent content that is totally inappropriate for a minor.

Parental control is a function that is not always taken into account when thinking about an antivirus . However, it is a fundamental piece in the protection of the smallest of the house.

It is common (and necessary) for minors to learn to use the computer to find information, entertainment and communicate with their friends in times as strange as the ones we are experiencing.