Clean Your Cache and Data on an Android | Clear cookies

Do you find the responsiveness of your mobile phone quite capricious in recent days? It’s probably time to clear the data of your favorite apps. Here’s how.

Android applications are a bit like collections, we install lots of them when it’s fashionable and then we forget them so much that sometimes… the system warns us that the space remaining on the smartphone is low. If you want to keep your apps while saving space, you can try clearing their cache and data.

Besides freeing up space on your phone, clearing the cache will also give your operating system a boost. Do not hesitate to start the procedure if you find that your phone is too slow and / or that the applications are lagging. It could be lifesaving. In addition, clearing the cache can be a good way to solve a thorny bug that affects the proper functioning of your apps (unexpected closing, broken features, battery drop, etc.).

Clean your apps cache and data, a very simple task

These options are at the bottom of the Settings menu.

  • To find them, open your phone’s settings then go to Applications.

On some smartphones, information on the size of each application appears under each of them, which facilitates the process. Otherwise, you will have to click on them to find the most greedy ones. Surprisingly, some apps take up a lot of space in terms of their functionalities (this is the case, for example, of the Leboncoin application ). On the other hand and more obviously, games are usually good clients to start your research (like Pokemon Go,  Candy Crush or Clash of clans ).

On the other hand, it will obviously be necessary to access the application concerned if you are looking to solve a bug,

  • In the list that appears in front of you, select the target app then click on Storage.

Once at this stage, you will be offered two choices:

  • Clear the cache: this will delete the temporary data that is stored to avoid consuming data on the packages or to speed up loading times. If you clear them, the app will create a cache again when you launch it later.
  • Delete data: this data is more important since it is linked to your account or your game saves for example. If you clear them, you will lose your progress or login credentials. You will therefore start from scratch when you open the application again afterwards.

Finally, there are solutions that automatically clean your smartphone, such as the CCleaner app or its eternal mobile rival, the CleanMaster app . These will save you time but be careful as they tend to sweep wide and not always sort through. You may therefore have to reconnect to each of your apps. On good terms…