Clean Android: Delete Unnecessary Files and Speed Up Your Smartphone | Best cleaner for android

Your mobile frequently experiences slowdowns and its internal memory is close to saturation? Clean up your data and give it a second wind.

Many applications, free (with advertising) or paid, promise you mountains and wonders, from cleaning to optimizing Android to hunting down malware. Their effectiveness is often recognized even if their operation is not necessarily always unanimous, – they can in particular prove to be greedy in resources and slow down your smartphone.

Before moving on to solutions like CCleaner for cleaning or AVG for hunting viruses , the simplest and most careful is to first do some cleaning yourself and use the tools, which are often very effective, which the smartphone manufacturer has integrated into its menus.

It’s all about common sense. To find an operational device, you just have to get rid of the many files and applications with which you have cluttered it and which have become useless on a daily basis. Secondly, a little tour in the settings of the mobile allows you to complete the job by optimizing its operation. Most of our manipulations were carried out from a Galaxy S21 and a Pixel 4a. You should easily find the equivalent on another smartphone.

Delete media files to free up space

Photos, videos… do you machine-gun anything that moves? Unless you have a device equipped with a memory of 256 (or even 512 MB on the most expensive mobiles on the market), you can quickly feel cramped with 64 or 128 GB. Especially since this memory is shared since it is also used for system storage and installing applications. If you have a microSD card slot (but this is becoming rare, we had to bring out our old Sony smartphone for our tests), you can move your photos/videos to this card from the Settings menu, in the Storage section.

You can even, from the Camera Settings, select this card as the default storage memory, which will save you time. Otherwise, back up all your files to an external drive or to the cloud. You will then only have to delete your photos and videos from your smartphone, thus freeing up several GB of space.

Also, remember to get rid (if you no longer need it) of your offline music playlist on Spotify and the many episodes of series downloaded from Amazon Prime Video Netflix for your subway journeys.

For Spotify, launch the app and go to Library. Locate the playlist flanked by a round green icon with an arrow pointing down and open it. Press the three vertical dots , then Delete Download. Confirm by pressing Delete.