Best Software for Handling Documents | Document Management

An organization can track and store paper documents as well as electronic documents and/or scanned images of those documents using a document management system (DMS), which is a software system. 

Simply said, document management software supports file sharing, electronic document management, and document processing for both large and small firms.

What is the best Document Management Software?


MediaFire is a good all-in-one solution since it makes it simple to save files and then share them with friends, family, and the internet community. With just a few clicks, MediaFire gives you the ability to upload and download virtually any file from their online storage.

A free file hosting service is MediaFire. You receive a free service, and you do not need to register an account if all you want to do is download.

Google Drive

Organizations of various sizes rely on Google Drive as one of the best and most reliable document management solutions. Google Drive offers greater version control and sharing capabilities and is available from a variety of different devices.

It’s a fantastic option for teams and companies due to its smooth interaction with Gmail and ability to construct document workflows via folders and subfolders.


Organizations may generate, collaborate on, organize, and review project documents using Confluence, a project management tool. The solution allows for both on-premises and cloud-based deployment.

Confluence is a team workspace that encourages knowledge exchange and collaboration and is remote-friendly. It can serve as a mechanism for managing documents electronically.


Some of the biggest companies and organizations in the world utilize SharePoint, a fantastic document management platform. 

Organizations may now manage their documents and communicate information much more easily thanks to SharePoint. SharePoint helps the businesses that use it save a lot of time in addition to being flexible.


Box is a single document workflow platform that aids businesses in effectively creating, collaborating on, and managing material. 

With Box, companies and teams can easily produce and collaborate on material safely from any device while ensuring that it is appropriately secured and managed. Box is a cloud-native document management platform.


The future of document management is available with M-Files. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by the software to automate the organization process.

The M-Files platform automatically arranges the data as you upload it depending on what it is rather than just where you wish to put it.

Connecting your current network to M-Files’ AI automatically and securely will help you protect your data.


One of the top document management programs available is eFileCabinet. They assist people, small company owners, and large corporations in organizing data and files online.

Based on pre-defined file names or folder templates, you can look up documents or locate them. Yours most frequently used documents are also kept in a portfolio by eFileCabinet for easy access.


An easy and cost-free online document management tool with web and cloud deployment is called Bitrix24. 

Through its mobile app, it also offers customers the ability to work on Android and iOS devices. Along with the new and updated versions, it retains the outdated and deleted Files in its record.