Best Free Data Recovery Software Tools | Data Recovery Software

There are many free data recovery tools available that can assist in recovering or "undeleting"
your mistakenly lost files. Data recovery software can often be used to restore erased files that
are still on your hard disc (or USB drive, media card, smartphone, etc.).
With any of these freeware data recovery applications, you can retrieve files that you thought
were lost forever. Recover files like music, audio, movies, and documents.
Listed below are the 7 top free data recovery software:
Auslogics File Recovery
Auslogics File Recovery is a useful and simple-to-use application for retrieving information that
has been unintentionally deleted as a result of virus attacks or programming mistakes. When we
delete a document, the registry and Recycle Bin are also removed.
The document might be accidentally deleted if software programs crash in the middle of a
record exchange. Information loss can also result from infections. When this happens, Auslogics
File Recovery can help.
With the help of this tool, you can retrieve deleted documents, songs, digital photographs,
programs, and other data from your hard drive, USB stick, or high-end memory cards.
Recuva is without a doubt the best free software for data recovery. It is pretty easy to use even
if it includes a lot of optional sophisticated features.
It can retrieve data from memory cards, BD/DVD/CD discs, external drives (such as USB
drives), and hard drives. With this app, you can even retrieve files from your iPod!
Disk Drill
Unquestionably one of the best hard drive data recovery programs in the information technology
sector is Disk Drill.
This CleverFiles tool is specifically designed to scan both external and internal storage devices,
including your local disc drive as well as portable USB drives and SD cards.
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
Another excellent file recovery program is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The process of
recovering files is only a few clicks.
The user interface's resemblance to Windows Explorer is one of EaseUS Data Recovery
Wizard's best features.

Files deleted from hard drives, optical drives, memory cards, iOS devices, cameras, and pretty
much any other storage device that Windows recognizes are recovered with EaseUS Data
Recovery Wizard. It can also recover partitions!
R-Studio is a data recovery software program that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It
was initially intended for use by data recovery specialists, but it has developed to offer a simple
solution that is available to everyone.
Glarysoft File Recovery Free
A user-friendly program to recover deleted files is Glarysoft File Recovery Free. There aren't
many alternatives, and it doesn't measure up to some of the solutions higher on the list, but it
does the job and is simple to use.
Select a drive, run a search for deleted data on it, and then choose the files you wish to recover.
The ability to undelete items even while the scan is ongoing is convenient because it eliminates
the need for waiting. It is also possible to pause the scan.
A software program called PhotoRec is open-source and can restore lost or deleted data.
Despite what its name suggests, it can recover data from over 300 file format families, giving it a
wonderful option for anyone who wants to recover erased data for free.