Best Collage Maker Tools in 2022 | Create collages

Do you remember when making collages required a lot of work and editing expertise? These days, a simple collage tool may produce stunning effects. For your smartphone photography, we’ll look at some of the top photo collage applications in this article.

The top picture collage apps are a great resource for social media users and photographers. They enable you to exchange or view several photos simultaneously. 

All of the photo collage apps on the list below are simple to use and offer a variety of features for quickly creating original collages.

Pictures Collage Maker Pro Crack

A collection of images created from your digital photos and pictures is what Pictures Collage Maker Pro Crack is in essence. 

Work schedules, greeting cards, request cards, posters, and other documents can all be created with Picture Collage Maker Pro Crack. More so than any other program of its kind, this one makes it simple to put together an intriguing collection of pictures.

With the incredibly simple program and the numerous different themes offered, you can instantly create any collection of photographs. In truth, consumers who aren’t very capable! By downloading Picture Collage Maker from our website, you may take advantage of this premium app registration with no operational charges.

Photo & Shape Collage Maker

Want to create a mosaic in the form of an eagle or a moon using your photos? Then one of the greatest collage apps for you is this one. It’s entertaining to use and uses an algorithm to produce art quickly.

You must first select eight photographs from your library to utilize this collage builder software. The software then automatically edits those photographs to match your selected frame once you choose a shape.

YouCam Perfect

The greatest free collage app for making beautiful collages to share with friends and family or publish on social media is YouCam Perfect.

YouCam Perfect provides you with all the tools you require to make a photo collage! This collage program features a tonne of free collage templates, frames, and effects you can use to combine all of your favorite images into stunning artwork.


Among the top photo collage applications available, Diptic is one that you should download. It provides innovative bespoke layouts that are exclusive to it. It features intricate patterns like waves, hearts, and peace signs.


In addition to the odd layouts, it also offers conventional ones if you prefer plain and uncomplicated ones. Additionally, bordered layouts are available if you’re looking for bolder frame alternatives.

Pic Collage

For creating a lovely collage for any occasion, Pic Collage offers a tonne of free possibilities. You can choose from a wide variety of layouts, including grids and templates, for your collage while still having the freedom to create your own creations.

PicsArt Photo & Video Editor

With the all-in-one picture editor PicsArt, you can quickly and effortlessly make social media-friendly photo collages. The program includes amusing social media template designs as well as expert business layouts.

You can create a photo grid collage or a freestyle collage with up to ten photographs at once. Also available are scrapbook layouts that take the form of frames. They include the customary seasonal holidays and events.