Best Antivirus Software to Protect Your Devices | Virus protection

Antivirus software is a very important aspect of the computer, especially when it comes to security. You can’t put your data at risk. There are new viruses, malware and other harmful software that can cost you a fortune in fees and lost data.

In fact, it is recommended that you should train yourself with some basic skills and tools that you must know how to use for the future education and work.

Antivirus Software monitors the pages you browse and the online entertainment you consume, preventing you from accidentally accessing inappropriate content or sharing private content without the knowledge of your parents or guardians.

Secure VPN to encrypt mobile connections

It is very likely that, during a trip or when you encountered poor mobile coverage, you have been tempted to connect to an open public WiFi network.

Those open and free networks that we usually find in stations, airports or public buildings.

In most cases it is a bad idea to do so since they are networks that lack the minimum security guarantees. , so all the data that is sent from your smartphone or laptop can be intercepted without great complications to extract your credentials from the email account you just used, the online store you just visited, etc.

To avoid this, some of the best antiviruses of 2022  include a tool that creates a private VPN network that allows you to connect to unsecured networks by encrypting your data.

Usually, this is an extra feature and is only included in the most complete versions of security tools, but using it in such cases is always a good idea as it allows you to put your data out of the hands of cybercriminals.

ESET Internet Security 13.2

ESET is one of the European security software developers with the best track record in detecting threats due to the company’s proactive philosophy in investigating and fighting cybercrime.

The security company has several products in its catalog aimed at users using a licensing system based on number of devices and number of services.

The most balanced product is ESET Internet Security, which provides protection systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the cloud for 45.79 euros per year for two computers.

In addition, it also offers protection during browsing and protection systems for home networks and parental control, coverage for online banking and an anti-theft system for the device.

Avast PremiumSecurity

In addition to being one of the best-known voices in the computing world for its database update notifications, Avast’s security solution has a wide range of detections behind it, positioning itself as one of the most efficient antivirus systems .

Avast is known for the free version that makes its popular threat detection engine available to all users . However, as you have already seen in this guide, computer security goes far beyond monitoring computer software.